What We Do 


An expanding ecosystem of available solutions

WineryConnect's mission to reduce the distance between producers and consumers is realized with the ecosystem we have built over the years. From seed to sale to social (customer), WineryConnect allows the producers to focus on their core expertise.


At WineryConnect we pride ourselves on partnering with solution providers who offer Best-of-Breed solutions to wineries. We are continually on the lookout for new solutions which “play well in the sandbox” and are open to being integrated into the solutions ecosystem we offer our customers.

Seed, Sale, Social, Scale Ecosystem


The WineryConnect ecosystem is held together by our proprietary technology VinESB, a vertically integrated “Enterprise Service Bus” which connects software systems to each other. 


The Grape Squad is your one-stop source for technical support across the systems WineryConnect offers and beyond.


The Data Cube arranges business data suitable for analysis from different perspectives through operations for slicing, dicing, pivoting, and aggregation.

The Dashboard

Data from your entire winery operations are combined so that common reporting and true analytics can be brought to bear across the organization.


Winery Intelligence

WineryConnect pulls together beverage producer data from all operational systems to enable strategic business decisions based on not just data but knowledge.

Our growing list of partners includes:

Revel | Nexternal | WooCommerce | Shopify | Magento | InnoVint


When Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards contracted WineryConnect in 2014 to evaluate Point Of Sale (POS) systems they knew what they didn’t want. Hazlitt had plenty of experience with old POS systems which were hard to maintain, inflexible, and difficult or impossible to integrate with other business systems. They were ready for something new.

By working out a detailed RFP with Hazlitt’s key personnel, WineryConnect arrived at the best solution with Revel POS Systems, a next-generation POS provider focused on winery operations. WineryConnect has now partnered with Revel to deploy and support the Revel POS, and we have extended its capabilities with our own offerings. Over the years WineryConnect has helped Hazlitt grow their Revel deployment across multiple businesses at different locations as well as at some 2 festivals per week across the US throughout the summer.

Choosing Revel POS not only gives you the power, flexibility, and security of their system, but also pairs with our expertise customizing Revel to work for wineries and integrating Revel into other systems like eCommerce  and our own offering: Savor . Our goal is to create seamless operation and reporting for all areas of your business.

Revel POS supports:
  • Tasting Room Sales

  • Offline Operation

  • Cafés and Restaurants

  • Gift Shop

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Flexible Discounts

  • Gift Card Programs

  • Staff and Shift Management

  • Off-Site Sales

  • Real-Time Analysis

  • Web-Based Reporting on Any Device

  • Customizable Options

  • Employee Training



Read the Nexternal Press Release and Buttonwood Grove Case Study

Nexternal was acquired in mid-2015 by a global commerce company based on their success for the last 18 years selling eCommerce to wineries. Now part of TrueCommerce, WineryConnect and Nexternal have worked together since late 2015 and we have tightly integrated the Nexternal winery eCommerce platform with VinESB. We can say with confidence that Nexternal is an industry leading solution for wineries that want to sell Direct To Consumer, and in particular their subscription wine club is the best we’ve seen. Their support is outstanding and their business processes are mature. Nexternal is our preferred eCommerce provider for wineries.


WooCommerce is the most popular open source online store out there. WineryConnect has developed specific expertise in supporting WooCommerce sites and in developing custom WooCommerce extensions to exactly suit our customers’ needs.


Shopify is a leading premium online store, both for mid-market customers and, with their Shopify Plus offering for very large organizations. WineryConnect has integrated VinESB with Shopify and WineryConnect’s sister company, CoordinatedCommerce, has built a very advanced Shopify App called OmniGift to help merchants run gift card programs across online and point of sale operations.


We built our VinESB cloud integration hub on top of Magento so that our customers would be able to take advantage of the vast library of existing Magento extentions to report on and work with their total organizational data. For example our customers have used the AheadWorks Market Segmentation Suite – a $199 one-time charge – to segment their customers based on total spend online and in Point of Sale.

To top things off, WineryConnect has built custom Magento plug-ins specifically for the wine and beverage industry. From a Reward Club management system that automatically emails qualifying customers based on loyalty rules to a Keg Management module for keeping track of what distributors have possession of which kegs.


In late 2018, WineryConnect evaluated a range of winery production control systems along with several of our customers. Our customers chose InnoVint and we have integrated InnoVint with VinESB to drive further operational efficiencies and also open up a world of possibilities in terms of overall organizational reporting and analytics.