What We Do 


Let our people run your technology to help you achieve better business outcomes.


WineryConnect knows that the key to building successful working relationships is to provide both crisp up-front service delivery and dedicated on-going care and support. Technology alone can never solve business problems. Busy staff need human beings they can call who know their business intimately. The Grape Squad has years of experience supporting staff at wineries and craft beverage producers so they can do what they do best – engage customers.

The Grape Squad will set up your systems, including loading in any data from your old systems. We will then train your staff on running your business systems and reporting on operations. The Grape Squad is then available for ongoing training, troubleshooting, and pretty much any other technical support you need. In short, the Grape Squad becomes your IT staff.

Wineries can take advantage of our deep business knowledge around activities like excise tax generation, wholesale order management, and other specific business process support. Leveraging our technology, the Grape Squad can deliver several of these capabilities from our offices on a pure business process outsourcing basis, freeing your staff to do what they do best – make and sell excellent wine!

Wineglasses toasting

Your Virtual IT Department