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Let our people run your technology to help you achieve better business outcomes.


Our Grape Squad support group frees winery staff to focus on value-added work by not having to track down issues across a range of technologies and third-party organizations. Winery staff are also freed from needing to stay on top of how to best use the latest technology to best support winery operations. The Grape Squad takes care of all that, learning best practices from all our clients so we can better and better support the industry.

The Grape Squad can support staff on your existing systems (including general IT systems like email and file sharing), and when new solutions are needed, the Grape Squad can set them up, load in data from your old systems, and then train your staff on running your business systems and reporting on operations. The Grape Squad is then available for ongoing training, troubleshooting, and pretty much any other technical support you need. In short, the Grape Squad becomes your IT staff.

Wineries can take advantage of our deep business knowledge around activities like excise tax generation, wholesale order management, and other specific business process support. Leveraging our technology, the Grape Squad can deliver several of these capabilities from our offices on a pure business process outsourcing basis, freeing your staff to do what they do best – make and sell excellent wine!

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Your Virtual IT Department

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