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Leverage the data you already have

Human Intelligence

There are an absolute ton of great technology solutions out there tuned to the needs of different organizations (each winery is unique and has unique needs). The Grape Squad’s job is to stay on top of IT for you and help you decide when and if you might want to add new systems or change the systems you use, but often the systems wineries already have in place work fine and do what they need to have done. In these cases, the Grape Squad can simply support staff in using your existing technology better, but what about the data you already have in those systems?

Most wineries already have a massive amount of data on their operation in their existing systems which they can’t properly leverage both because the data is often hard to get to and very often because the data is simply wrong. Particularly when it comes to customer data records are often duplicated, have bad email addresses, or have a host of other issues.

There are extremely complicated technological approaches to what is called Master Data Management,  and our founder and CTO has spoken on this subject at the Eastern Winery Exposition both in 2020 and in 2022 (see videos). That having been said, often a far more efficient and effective way to leverage your data is to bring in data experts. WineryConnect partners with organizations like Farm Credit East to help wineries understand their data, and one of the most valuable services the Grape Squad offers is our regular Data Health Checks where Grape Squad people can simply export spreadsheets of data from your existing systems and use their knowledge of Excel and data to get you quickly to a point where you better understand your customers and your business.