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 What We Do 


We take care of IT, so you can focus on making great wine and engaging consumers.

Intelligent Life.


No matter how smart the programmers were - off the shelf cookie-cutter IT solutions can be confusing, intimidating, and honestly a real pain.

Since 2013 we've been learning the wine industry and identifying best-of-breed solutions that fit its specific needs. We can help you with your existing software systems, recommend new ones, or anything in between.

That's real intelligence.

We free up you and your staff to make great wine and engage consumers. This pumps cash directly to your bottom line.

The Grape Squad will maintain, plan, and deploy your IT so you can crush your goals AND still have time to savor life.

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Support: Industry expert, dedicated help-desk service.

One-stop source: For technical support focused on winery commerce IT solutions.

Best practices: With things like wine club management, discounting, regulatory reporting, payments, inventory control etc.

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Your one source for 24/7 support across all the technologies you use. Our advanced service desk technology helps us make sure your issues are responded to promptly and handled efficiently.


Since 2013 we've supported wineries on a wide range of technologies. We say we support wineries from "Seed to Sale to Social" across everything they do.


Let us bring human intelligence to bear to help you get a clearer picture of who your customers are, which customers are your best customers, and in general see the big picture of how your operation is performing overall.

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