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Getting the systems to talk

Sam Weiner - WineryConnect CTO

WineryConnect's Founder and CTO, Sam is a 30+ year veteran of the software industry with a focus on Enterprise Application Integration and Enterprise Architecture. For most of his career, Sam has worked with large organizations with deep pockets which can afford their own dedicated IT department and custom software development to keep themselves maneuverable and to gain competitive advantage.

Sam started WineryConnect's parent company, Quantum Loop Solutions, out of a desire to deal with real people and broadly solve real business problems - not just throw technology against the wall and see what sticks. In 2013 Sam came to the winery industry very deliberately as part of a Lean Launchpad startup incubator program where he realized that to deliver real value broadly, he needed to narrow the overall problem space by focusing in on wineries in the Finger Lakes (where he grew up).

Over the years that followed, it became apparent that the equation which had to be solved was People ^ Technology = Good Data (more on the on the QLS site). People come first and the first "loop" which needed closing was between winery staff and an industry expert human support group. The Grape Squad was created to satisfy this need. At the same time, loops needed to be closed between technologies and we developed a set of proprietary technology under CommerceConnect such as the CommerceConnect Fabric, our proprietary systems integration and data management technology.


Long story short, while our primary focus at WineryConnect is directly supporting winery staff with our Grape Squad support group, we are also extremely good at connecting they systems you use at a technology level, getting them to work optimally according to your business needs, and using our Data Mastery expertise to turn data into actionable business intelligence.

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