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SavorConnect OmniGift - WooCommerce to 100 POS systems for Gift Cards

SavorConnect OmniGift - WooCommerce

Gift cards represent a fantastic source of revenue. Customers using gift cards will often purchase additional items, and very often gift card balances are never completely used which means zero cost revenue. In today's connected world, however, customers expect the convenience of being able to use their gift card balances across different commerce channels which is a serious problem if your commerce channels (Point Of Sale and online store in particular) come from different vendors.

Enter SavorConnect OmniGift. OmniGift integrates WooCommerce with the Factor 4 gift card program, enabling merchants to sell gift cards online or in one of close to 100 POS systems connected to Factor 4. Customers are then able to redeem those gift cards online or in a physical location.

Note that a Factor 4 subscription is required first. Please contact us to set one up, then download the WooCommerce Plugin for Factor 4 by clicking the icon.

For more information check out our news page.

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