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Comprehensive IT Care, One Fixed Price

Power In Numbers

WineryConnect is unique as a Bespoke Winery MSP. We've been helping wineries with technology for over a decade, and we have figured out best practices in supporting these complex and long-lived operations. For more on the benefits of our approach, see our Overview.

IT's Total Care Group Plan (or Total Care Plan, or just TCP) is a comprehensive package including every type of support we offer with the one exception being Professional Services. The idea is that to deliver world-class IT support to wineries we need to be expert at three core capabilities, all of which are required to deliver consistently great results:


Downloadable PDFs:

  1. Support
    This is our Grape Squad which is absolutely industry expert. Started helping wineries in 2013.

  2. Select Centralized Services
    Every winery is unique in exactly what technology they need to support operations at the current growth stage and given specific business objectives. That having been said, there are a number of common cloud technology services which are useful to every business. The Total Care Plan includes a selected (and growing) set of these services such as (just a few examples):

    1. Remote Management & Monitoring of winery infrastructure.​

    2. Cloud Backup

    3. Cybersecurity and Antivirus

    4. Password management

  3. IT Leadership
    This​ is key. Every winery is unique because every winery owner is unique and has unique dreams, perspectives, and specific business goals. The core of Total Care Plan IT Leadership is a regular strategic meeting (typically a Quarterly Business Review) where a Grape Squad vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) and TAM (Technology Alignment Manager) work with high level management at each client individually to progressively align technology to support business objectives. 

Where our clients need particularly complex and individual technology support, WineryConnect offers Professional Services (custom software development with a focus on integration, automation, and management reporting) on a project basis.

In addition to Quarterly Business Reviews with each client, WineryConnect conducts Group Business Reviews with interested Total Care Plan participants to collectively talk about common technology challenges and potential solutions. The group acts as a common voice to our technology partners (e.g. Revel Systems, TrueCommerce Nexternal, InnoVint, and so on) to champion changes our clients would like to see in their operational systems.

Our core mission is to Free Staff to Make Great Wine and Engage Consumers. Our Total Care Group Plan is how we accomplish this mission. For more information, please Contact Us.

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