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Revel + Nexternal - scalability and capability without comprimise


Wineries with complex, multi-faceted operations can't afford to settle for systems which handle just some of their critical in-person Point Of Sale (POS) or online eCommerce and wine club needs.

In 2014 Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards hired WineryConnect for 3 months of deep dive consulting when choosing a new POS partner. Based on our research, Hazlitt chose Revel Systems as the most reliable and flexible solution available on the market. WineryConnect has been a Certified Revel Reseller ever since, learning from customers how to best support wineries using Revel. Particularly wineries with full-service restaurants, weddings and events, multiple locations, and other demanding requirements find that lightweight POS systems which need constant internet connectivity just don't work for them.

By 2015 Hazlitt decided to upgrade their online presence. After again carefully evaluating available solutions, they chose TrueCommerce Nexternal, and engaged WineryConnect to build a full integration between the systems. WineryConnect built VinESB to synchronize customers, products and orders between Revel and Nexternal.  This unique integration is now proven and mature. Nexternal supports demanding club operations with over 10,000 members.  Multiple winery customers tell us they will never again use wine club software without Nexternal's "Member Choice" capabilities.

Over the years WineryConnect has helped wineries flexibly grow tasting room and online wine club operations with our core ecosystem of Revel and Nexternal.  Nuanced VinESB automation based on customer feedback also ensures the ecosystem works better and better over time: a complete solution for scalable winery commerce.

Read the Nexternal Press Release and Buttonwood Grove Case Study

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