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Our passion for this business derives from a long family tradition.


Winokur, the family’s pre-Ellis Island name, was an occupational surname meaning “Spirit Distiller”. Continuing in the family tradition, Sam has relentlessly applied his vision and 30 year obsession with tech to WineryConnect.  At this pivotal moment in its evolution, he has brought his son and brother on board to take it to the next level of success. 


We are on a mission to free wine producers to  produce great wine. Founded in 2012, WineryConnect combines the best technology with industry specific training & support, comprehensively enabling wineries and craft beverage producers to scale revenue and grow over time.


As you can read about in more detail under What We Do, we are here to serve. There are a number of fantastic technology solutions on the market. We offer personal and expert human support across technologies and with deep experience in the kinds of issues winery staff face every day.

Seymour Vinokur Passport

Chief Executive Officer

After majoring in business at Cornell University, Ben has spent more than 30 years as a successful small business owner, developing, building, and owning real estate and restaurants.
Ben recently joined his brother Sam's new tech venture as CEO, bringing his knowledge of sales and organization to help WineryConnect scale into a major force in the Controlled Commerce cloud-based ecosystem.

Benjamin Weiner - WineryConnect CEO


Sam is a 30+ year veteran of the software industry. As a principal or key player in multiple start-ups, Sam has learned how critically important it is for technology to be driven by clear business objectives. For close to a decade, Sam has focused on supporting wineries and craft beverage producers, and in the process has discovered a common approach to growing businesses in Controlled Commerce - commerce around controlled substances. Most significantly, Sam has learned that technology alone cannot produce positive business outcomes and that the People side of the equation is critical. Sam has brought his family into the business, and together they are now delivering solutions to producers which are technologically robust... and at the same time, fundamentally human.

Sam Weiner - WineryConnect CTO
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